142 c_0836
145 h_1017
254 A_0371
253 B_0326
261 D_0976
145 h_1017
254 A_0371
290 E_3695
298 A_4434
Awards Sunday_2183
177 One Monkey Show C_3804
Awards Sunday_2129
Awards Sunday_2119
Awards Sunday_2183
Awards Saturday_1846
Awards Sunday_1953
Awards Friday_1716
Awards Sunday_2106
Awards Friday_1710
Awards Saturday_1844
47 Bluebird Variation C_4265
17 Hit Me Up C_1303
11 Stupid Cupid C_0712
17 Hit Me Up C_1259
10 Oh So quiet F_0852
31 I Need A Hero F_2688
131 SDC Divas A_0660
47 Bluebird Variation C_4295
142 The Climb C_0892
57 Crazy in Love C_5201
55 More C_5054
145 Landslide D_1066
142 The Climb C_0884
130 Solid Gold J IMG_0536
117 Clap Snap C IMG_8782
52 Rhythm Nation J_4710
150 Run to You C_1394
studio 68.1
with judges
with jamie
with betsy
with Roxanne
with Tammy
studio 68

Contest Date



27th, 28th, 29th

Entry Deadline

February 21

Our Dream Team!

Matt & Angie Henley,  Hayley Justice &          

Liz Henley (not pictured)

Email us at angiesdance@hotmail.com for information on how to register.

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